When looking for gTLDs, people look for pricing and the low cost gTLDs is a topic you will find a lot of information about. Generic top-level domains (gTLDs) are one of the top-level domain categories within the Domain Name System of the Internet. A top-level domain is the top label of every fully qualified domain name.

Over the years, the use of several generic top-level domains has not stopped the demand for more gTLDs. NameCheap seems to have the cheapest overall pricing on new TLDs among the list of domain name registrars available in the web. If you are actively investing in new top level domain names, having the right price is certainly a key factor for selecting a domain name registrar.

So far, these new TLDs are not cheap. You can register 2 to 4 .com domains for the same price as one new TLD in most cases. Here you will find a price comparison list on the new top level domain name. If you make some research on the topic, you will find that there are plenty of websites which offer you domains and they also offer you gTLD service.

Low cost gTLDs price comparison

– NameCheap.com was across the board cheapest on “regular pricing”.

– 1&1 has first year pricing and then an ongoing pricing. The first year discounts are considerable, so if you are trying to quickly flip domain names then this might be a good option for you.

– Web.com has a weird pricing anomaly, charging the same for all Donuts’ domain names. This means its .holdings pricing is relatively low, compared to other registrars.

These costs are for current hand registrations of available domain names. If you are in the pre ordering phase, each registrar has its own prices and a refund policy if the operation results unsuccessful. Also, remember that there are some registrars who are faster at grabbing domains when they become available, and some are less likely to have competing pre-orders.

Now, you will find a comprehensive list of the low cost gTLDs top levels domain names and registrars that maintain these cheap prices. This does not include domains that have cheap one-year registration only. Which is the real deal.

Cheapest TLD

These are inexpensive to register for multiple years with constant pricing. Although some might be even cheaper when registered for multiple years. You need to study your own necessities in order to make the right decision.

Country Code TLDs: ccTLD

TLD: .com.de

Cost: $4.88 per year

Registrar: Namecheap

TLD: .co.in, .net.in, .org.in, .ind.in

Cost: $6.40 per year

Registrar: Crazy Domain

Generic TLDs: gTLD

TLD: .work

Cost: $4.88 per year

Registrar: Namecheap

TLD: .accountant, .bid, .cricket, .date, .download, .faith, .loan, .men, .party, .racing, .review, .science, .trade, .webcam, .win,

Cost: $4.88 per year

Registrar: Uniregistry

You need to know that since this is an ongoing business you could find other low cost gTLDs when time passes. Maybe there will be other that are cheaper or become cheaper over the time. GoDaddy also offers this service, yet the competition for some of the new domains will be fierce. So, to increase your chances of getting the domain name you want, they suggest you pre-register.

For all pre-registration phases, this website will automatically submit your application to the registry the instant the phase opens. Which means you will be at the front of the line to claim your new name. Now, pre-registration does not guarantee you will get your domain. At least, GoDaddy stablishes that if they are unable to get it for you, they will refund your registration fee.

To know how the site actually functions, it is advisable to visit their webpages and see what other people say about them and their service.


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