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Here is a good list of free finance directories which I submitted some of my clients to, its so hard to come across good niche specific directories since most are paid or reciprocal. This financial directories list I compiled are all free!

Contact me via the contact form to submit your free financial directory to this quality list  and il review your to ensure its decent quality and then add it to this list.

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http://www.activetrader-links.com/ Free
http://investorlinks.com/directory/ Free

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http://www.moneymarmoset.com/ Free
http://financial-directory.askbee.net/ Free
http://www.finance-directory.org/ Free
http://financebeacon.com/ Free
http://www.financedirectory-freelisting.com/ Free
http://marketmage.com/ Free
http://www.financiallinkdirectory.com/ Free

Page Rank 2

http://www.stockmarket-directory.com/ Free
http://www.the-money-directory.com/ Free
http://www.5thmarket.com/ Free
http://www.alifeoutofdebt.com/ Free
http://www.financial-portal.com/ Free

Page Rank 1

http://financedir.net/ Free
http://look4financia.com/ Free

Page Rank 0

http://www.financeseodirectory.com/ Free
http://www.bridgingloan-finder.co.uk/directory/ Free
http://financeworlddirectory.com/ Free

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