It’s your first time buying a discount domain and you are afraid to spend too much money? Are you on a budget? Choosing discount domains is the perfect option for you. There are many offers on the internet available to suit your taste, but you have to be careful not to risk your business because of a misleading offer.


The differences on how the process of domain registration is done by different websites are not too relevant. Yet, prices vary greatly depending on which registrar you end up using. Your goal will be to find one that allows you to buy domains for less money while still covering your needs.


In order to achieve this, you must have in mind several aspects that may affect domain prices. Registrars make different offers based on how long your registration time is or the amount of services you want with your domain. You can save from a couple of dollars to even 45 or 50 dollars per domain if you choose wisely.


Most common offers on discount domains


One of the most used deals is the First Year Discount Price. That is, the first year of your domain registration will be of a significantly lower price compared to the renovation years. This is a perfect tactic to attract new clients.


However, if a discount seems too good to be true, it probably is so! Many of these offers purposely avoid mentioning their high prices for the renovation years. This translates into many first time buyers falling for a low price and being disappointed once it’s time to renovate their registration. So keep an eye on that!


Also, you will notice that you can find domains as cheap as $1 a year, or even less. That is most likely because this kind of domains don’t come properly equipped with any add-on services. These provide security packages and traits that make your domain easier to manage. This is not recommended if you are planning to keep your domain on the long run.


If you already have a domain but you think you are paying too much for it, you can also change your registrar. You may find a better deal working with a different registrar, so try and make the relocation when there is a discount on domain transfers.


Cheap ways of keeping your domain active


Add-on services are useful, but they will not make all of the work for you. Do not forget about external dangers that may affect it. As soon as your domain starts showing signs of success, there will be other people trying to benefit from it.


One way to cope with this and still save money is buying a discount bulk domain registration. Having only one name registration makes your domain vulnerable for cyber pirates who will try to divert your potential users to their sites.


They make use of variations of your domain name to take advantage from any possible misspelling made by the users and in order to send traffic to their domain instead of yours. You can avoid this problem by buying several variations yourself all at once.


You can also create your domain with a popular gTLD, or generic top-level domain. Even if there are new gTLDs at very low costs, buying low cost gTLDs classics like .com, .net or .org is a very good option to make it easier to memorize. Thus, you will be losing less users to your rivals.


Finally we recommend you take this as an advice and you will be able to find the perfect discount domain.



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